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Sludge dryer
Our innovation - Industrial Microwave Sludge Dryer- No Exhaust Emission, Evironmentally Friendly  

The Company

Ansa Technology Sdn. Bhd. (517846-P) was established in 2001. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation and service of Industrial Microwave Systems. We produce conveyorized and batch process microwave equipment for effective and efficient heating, drying and sterilization applications in:

We offer standard as well as custom-designed systems to meet specific needs.

The Technology

Microwave works by producing a volume heating effect. It penetrates certain materials and causes water molecules within the materials to vibrate at a high frequency, thus producing heat. As far as heating, drying, thawing and sterilizing are concerned, microwave processing brings many unique advantages and solves countless problems faced by the conventional methods. Microwave processing is rapid, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Where microwave technology can be applied C and is applied properly, almost certainly you can process more products in shorter time and at lower costs.

Projects Undertaken

Our microwave latex foam dryers are used by established Malaysian, Thailand and Vietnamese manufacturers to produce world-renowned brands of latex foam mattresses. Negotiations are currently underway for further expansions. Besides foam dryers, we have also tailored made microwave dryers for industrial sludge drying, sterilization of oil palm fruits and for R&D applications in a local university. We are currently exploring into new fields of microwave applications, such as improving cooking process of oil palm fruits in continuous/batch sterilization, promoting of chemical reactions, drying of dipped latex products, rubber profile vulcanization, wheat flour sterilization, etc.

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